Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's A Wash & October Moses Botkin Challenge

The Moses Botkin Challenges are always a challenge and usually a delight once you jump in and start painting.  The Challenge for October was chosen by Robin Cheers.  Each artist was given the same gray scale photo and we were to paint it in color.  The challenge was to get the correct values.  If you have a good composition and your values are correct you can paint in any color scheme you want and the painting will work.  The painting also reminds me of Wash Days growing up.  My mother used to hide her underwear down the middle clothesline row so the neighbor's view was blocked. Scroll down to see the other challenge paintings.

"It's A Wash" 
8x6 inches, oil on canvas

Our reference photo taken by Robin Cheers.

"Summer Chores"
11x14 inches, oil on panel ©2011

8x10 inches, oil on canvas ©2011

16x20 oil on canvas ©2011

10x8 inches - oil on hard board ©2011

"Fresh Sheets"
14x11 inches, watercolor on aqua board ©2011


  1. It's always so interesting to see how the Challenge paintings are similar and how they are not. I love the simplicity of your composition and those clean white sheets in the breeze!

  2. Hi! Very nice idea, one picture and many oil remixes! In the music it's the same: different sounds - different colors.

  3. So interesting to see how different artists handled this scene and the varying palettes they chose.... all quite different! A great exercise!

  4. It's amazing there is so much good talent.
    I haven't sold anything this year..Bad times.
    Merry Christmas to you Ruth..